This is a post about seeking support.

I first went online seeking support about four years ago.

Before this I did not own a computer,

and when I did go online I was using my friend’s.

He would let me use his computer when he was at work.


Before this I had not even googled anything.

I was never very confident about computers.


I could not find answers locally,

and it was through the online community that I started to understand Depression.



I could read essays or diaries, and so I started to understand my own symptoms.

There are cleverer people than I who can explain Depression better than I can.

It really helped me.

I came to rely on certain blogs or sites,

and would check every day when I had my coffee.



At this point I got my own computer,

and it became a real source of comfort.

I am grateful for the blogs available,

and grateful to the authors who have helped me so much.



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