This is post about Fashion, with the question:

Is fashion important when living with depression?


(I love this look..a white dress with a black sash, so pretty!)


I never had an interest in fashion, as I preferred to read books,

and always wanted books as a present, not clothes.

Then I became depressed as a teenager,

and due to the nature of this illness, I cared even less.


However, the nurses used to try to make me take an interest in fashion, and to try to copy my peers.


I really began to take an interest in how I looked because I discovered that people make assumptions about someone who has depression.

But if I turned up in a nice outfit, wearing make-up, then they were less likely to make those assumptions.


This was my main motivation, and although I had never known much about fashion,

I learned what I could from Vogue.

My first outfit came from Vogue.

I saw the models in a black skirt and a cream silk shirt,

which was then accessorised in different ways.

So I bought a black skirt and cream blouse too.


I found that it helped me to take an interest in fashion,

and I had an interest outside of myself.

I was less likely to stay inside my own head.

I bought in sales and second-hand stores as I did not have much money.


I learned about make-up.

I had never worn it, and I had to figure out toner and moisturiser.

I used Elizabeth Arden for big occasions as it would stay perfect all night, and I loved it.


I feel I know  a lot more about clothes now.

I follow the Couture houses, and really love Nina Ricci.




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  1. I have depression too, hun! Suffer from OCD and Aspergers. Know how it feels, but I still force myself to wear my Louboutins or Jimmy Choos everyday and face the World with a smile!

    And by the way, Nina Ricci is one of my favorites, too! So is Rochas, Balenciaga, Ermanno Scervino, Alberta Ferretti and Oscar de la Renta.

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click on this link to my blog, like and come and follow me:

    It will put a smile on your face and helo chase those blues away!

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