Coffee and tea

This is a post about drinking coffee and tea, with the question:

Should we drink these beverages when we have depression?


When we wake up, we like to boil the kettle and make a hot drink.


However, our Doctor may have advised us not to choose these drinks.

They contain caffeine, and so may cause our anxiety to worsen.

Our friends will also urge us to consider another beverage,

anything without caffeine.


However, I have never liked herbal teas.

I have tried the decaffeinated versions,

but the truth is they do not taste very nice.


I returned to tea and coffee.

Sometimes I feel the caffeine actually helps me to get going.

We are all different, and we need to choose the best option for ourselves.

Other people can advise,

but I really love the comfort of a hot cup of coffee in the morning.



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