The path

Sometimes I feel that living with Depression is like walking down a long path.

It could be scattered with Autumn leaves, with places to sit down and rest.

We can bring a flask of tea.

We can read a book,

but we look up to realise that we are alone.

There is no-one here.


There is a lot of loneliness to living with this illness.

So many people leave.


Most of my friends have left.

We would leave too if we could.

We do not want to walk this path,

but that is not possible.



Over the years I have tried to adjust to this.

I have become better at spending time alone.

I found new hobbies for myself.


Sometimes, fighting Depression is so exhausting that I would not have the energy to engage in conversation anyway.

So I am relieved at those time that I can rest,

and not have to deal with other people.


I do feel that isolation is part of the illness,

but that we can find ways to adjust.



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