Train journey

This is a post about the day I met Depression on the train.

I’ll just add an image to cheer us  up..


One day, I went down to collect the mail.

To my surprise a letter had arrived addressed to me.

I opened it and discovered I had been offered  a journey to Recovery.

A quick search online told me that such invitations are rare, and should not be passed over under any circumstances.


Excited, I began to pack.

On the day appointed, I called a taxi, made my way to the Train Station,

and settled in my carriage.


A gentleman came in, sat down and began to read a newspaper.

What are you doing here?


 I am coming too.

No, you are not. This is a journey to Recovery.

You are Depression and you are not allowed.


Depression looked cross.

I am coming.

But why?

Well, I have been living with  you for a long time.

I’m used to you.

I have a nice life with you.

I’m not leaving.


Yes, you are!

I am on my way to Recovery.

It is important that I leave you behind.


Depression raised his eyebrows, and proceeded to read the newspaper.

So I gave him dirty looks.

Finally, he lowered the newspaper.

I don’t care if you don’t like me.

I’m coming.


For the last time, you are not supposed to be here.

For the last time, I am coming.


That was that.

I got off at the last Station.

Depression followed behind.

He had the grace not to stay in the same Hotel,

but did stay nearby.


Every time I went to a cafe, he would sit near.

I would see him sipping his coffee.


When I went to see the sights,

there he would be complete with a map, a tourist guide.

He even showed up at the Opera.

He was dressed up in a coat and tails,

all spruced up and confident.

He ignored me,

ignored my appeals to leave me alone.

I even wrote him a letter.

It was no good.

I am still glad I accepted my Invitation to Recovery.

I am grateful for the new experiences.

But I wish Depression had stayed behind.



This is a post about Recovery, and how Depression can remain with us.

I understand I have made steps forward, but Depression is still part of my life.

I would be easier if Depression had been left behind,

However, it still exists in my life in some form,

although perhaps not as severe as the first experience.


Perhaps, all illnesses leave a mark.

When people recovered from Tuberculosis in the past,

they still felt cold on a warm day, and had a tendency to get a cold or the flu.

I did not expect Depression to follow me into Recovery.

I really believed I could completely recover, and forget Depression.

However, that has not been the reality.

I still rely on coping skills to fall back on when Depression strikes.







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