The little things

This is a post about the power of the little things and how they can help us.


When we are first diagnosed with Depression, people may say

Would you like to go for a walk?

Would you like a cup of tea?


We might feel astonished at their lack of understanding.


I used to hope for a miracle.

I thought I would feel better if I found a fantastic Doctor,

or if I fell in love.

 But the truth is nothing spectacular happened.


I had to turn to small things to help me.

Cups of tea,



an afternoon in the garden,

fresh bed linen.



‘Good Wives’ by Louisa M.Alcott is a wonderful book, but also sad.

In this book, Beth dies and Jo is bereft.

Jo hopes for help to come to her,

but does not notice the small things about her..


the items belonging to Beth which were never thrown away.

These small things begin to bring her comfort.


I did not realise the significance of this when I read the book, as I was  child.

But now I can see how we are surrounded by sources of comfort .

I now know spectacular changes do not occur very often.

But a bubble bath,


a hot dinner,

hot chocolate..

all those things can help us.


One small thing alone may not make a difference,

but a group of small things together can make  a difference.




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