A trip to the Hospital

A post about how much we dread going to Hospital,

or you do if you are me..


I hate going to the hospital.

I dislike it because I have to deal with memories of being in a Psychiatric Hospital.


I argue with my GP,

and try to find an alternative option.

But sometimes I have to go.



I arrive early, book myself in and wait.

I hate the bright lights,

the noise, the rush.

I just want to go home.


Here is what I do to help myself..

I promise myself a treat later.

I will go to the town and buy myself a present.

I bring a Comfort Bag,

in which I keep a magazine, a bottle of water, and anything that I feel will help to keep me calm.

That could be a card from a friend, or a tiny cuddly toy.


I am not embarrassed by my Comfort  Bag,

as I believe I need this extra help.

I need the water,

as sometimes my throat is dry when I try to speak to the Doctor.


I wish going to the Hospital was easier.

But it remains  a challenge.


Things to be grateful for..

* the Hospital has a new cafe which sells real coffee,

not like the raw, throat-burning stuff of before.

* You can have lovely cakes now, and hot chocolate!

* When I went in September, I got the all clear!

* So I did not have to be inpatient!



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