Grief in Recovery

This is a post with the question:

is grief part of Recovery?


When I had Depression, I did not experience grief.

There were losses.

But I was absorbed in dealing with the illness.

I scarcely registered the losses,

although I did mention them from time to time.


When the depression began to lessen,

I became aware of the losses.

It was in this period that I began to experience grief.



This was a new emotion.

I had never experienced it before.

It caught me off guard, and I did not have any coping mechanisms.


Over the years, I have tried to adjust.

I became convinced that grief was an essential part of Recovery.


What losses have we experienced?

There is a tendency for friends to leave.

Most people will know how good friends now are absent from our lives.

This is a loss, and we miss those friendships.


There can be other losses.

We may lose time in education, or in the workplace.


Now I understand that grief is part of life.

It can fluctuate,

and I may have good days without grief.

But it has been part of my Recovery.


I try to make time to grieve for losses I have experienced.

But I also try not to ruminate.


I have better skills now.

I find watching a sad movie can help.

We can cry watching the film,

and at the same time release emotions which we could not deal with before.

I have found other tools, like books and art.


I also understand that life is a grieving process for anyone.

We all face losses of some kind, not only the mentally ill.

Many people deal with grief on a daily basis,

and have to try to manage this emotion.

This is part of life,

as we all lose friendships, relationships and

even have to face the death of a loved one.






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