Recovery, the story


This is  post about Recovery and the origins of the idea.

When I was a teenager, no-one ever spoke of Recovery.

It was not a term in common usage.


Some people would be told that they could expect to be mentally ill for the rest of their lives.

The Recovery movement came from patients who claimed that they had recovered.


Do Doctors recognise this?

It depends on the Doctor.

Some refuse to believe in recovery.

Others feel that a small number of their patients will recover.

Sometimes a doctor will believe that every patient can recover.


Are there divisions within the services?

Yes, there are as not all practitioners believe in this concept.

The movement is still led by the patients, who speak to each other about Recovery.


Is Recovery possible?

Yes, it is.

I can vouch for that, as it happened to me.


How can someone recover?

Sometimes the illness burns itself out.

Sometimes we grow older and benefit from maturity.

Sometimes we find a coping skill that we had not tried before.

It could be  combination of the above or something entirely different.



Can we depend on the services for help to recovery?

Not in my experience.  The services are still debating the concept.

Harvard has led the way in the debate, but they have met resistance from  other Universities.

The work done by Harvard is encouraging, and can be found on the Internet.


The people who offer real support are other patients.

Recovery is possible, but very hard work.

I am glad that I discovered Recovery and a community that believe in it.



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