A new challenge..

This is a post about leaving Hospital and entering the noisy World.

In reading other blogs, I find that some patients fear the return to ordinary life and express fears such as:

How can I go to the Supermarket?

How will I catch the bus?


This is something that I remember well.

When we leave Hospital, the world seems to be such a noisy place.


These are a few of the ways that I learned to cope:


I avoided Supermarkets, and found small shops which sold those items.

A hardware Store will sell things for the kitchen and garden.

A Food Market will sell fresh fruit and vegetables.


I only made short journeys into town.

One hour can be enough.


I found cafes which had seats at the window, or which were softly lit.

I found small cafes which were usually quiet in the afternoon.


If I felt overwhelmed, then I went home.

I often left without making a purchase, but that does not really matter.

If you feel uncomfortable, then you can go home.


I would take time out in a Park, or a Chapel, or in the seating area of a Mall.  Always stay safe, and near people.


I also brought comfort items.

No-one needs to know, and they can be easily disguised.

Everyone hangs miniatures from their handbags, and I have hung anything which would make me feel better..

Russian dolls, tiny teddy bears.

I always had a book, into which I would slip cards from friends or inspirational quotes.



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