This is a post which asks the question:

Is there such a thing as a Honeymoon period in Recovery?

I would answer ‘Yes’, and it seems to last about 18 months.


I would say that the Honeymoon period is no picnic either,

but our symptoms do seem to lessen, sleep becomes easier, and it seems to become easier to talk to people.


Why does this occur?

It could be Nature’s way of encouraging us to leave our illness.


Why does it end?

I do not know.  But it is similar to getting married.

Eventually we see the person as they really are, with their faults, and the romance begins to fade.


Does the illness return?

No, it does not seem to.  But certain aspects raise their heads.  It may feel like the illness has returned.



How do you know all this?

I had a Honeymoon period, and it came to an end.

What was your illness?

Depression, but very severe with some added complications.


What did you do when the Honeymoon period ended?

I panicked.

What should I do?

Please do not panic as this probably happens to everyone.

Were you disappointed?

Yes, it was a great disappointment, as I thought the illness had gone.


What should I do?

Try to build new coping skills for this new chapter.

Also try to find out about Recovery, as these ups and downs are part of the experience.



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