One day a lady came to see me.  She was supposed to look at my  circumstances and work out if she could assist in some way.

She had programmes, but none seemed to suit.

Anyway, she had tried to help, and been very nice so I offered to make tea.


She was glad of tea as she had been in her car all day.

She told me about her job, and we talked about other things.

Then the conversation turned to stigma.

I described some of the issues I had faced.

She looked astonished..

‘In this day and age?’


She was trained in mental health, and she had never heard of prejudice.

No-one really believes me.  They feel that stigma belongs in the past.

There are campaigns, blogs, seminars, all designed to raise awareness, but nothing seems to work.


I experience prejudice, and I know it exists.



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