The Looking Glass War

This is a post about Recovery, and a book.

The book is called ‘The Looking Glass War’, and it is by John Le Carre.

I have not read this book, but it was dramatised on the radio.


In the 1960s, a small group still exists in the Secret Service.  They were active in the second World War, and managed a spy network across Europe which tried to undermine the Nazis.

However, they are now obsolete, and allowed to continue to exist, partly as a courtesy from a grateful Government until they retire.


However, they are sidelined, and dismissed.

The Cold War needs resources, and new technology.


Finally, they grow restless, and embark on an operation.

George Smiley arrives in the dead of night, in the deserted farmhouse in Europe, and shuts the operation down.


The truth is, their operation was based on false information, and a desperate need to appear relevant.


This story had a powerful impact on me, as I felt I was doing the same thing.

I was fighting a War which had ended years ago.

I still woke up, and tried to fight mental illness, when I was really in Recovery.



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