This is a metaphor that I use to describe my attitude to Recovery..


I am on a ship, and it is sinking.

Different forms of rescue appear:

a small boat, a raft, a canoe.

I refuse help in each case because the craft are all so old, dirty, unstable.

I  am waiting on the ideal rescue.

Hopefully,  a yacht will appear with lighted windows.

I will be given my own room, and offered champagne.


The problem is , the ship is sinking.


When I first began to recover, I wanted everything to be perfect.

I wanted depression to disappear, my symptoms to cease.

I would now make friends easily, be successful.


Recovery has involved episodes of depression, lack of social interaction, isolation and insecurity.


But I have to make the best of it.

If I don’t try to recover now, then I might never get another chance.




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