But you were doing so well

This is post about relapsing.

Unless you are very fortunate, you will experience relapses in Recovery.


Why does a relapse occur?

I do not know.

But it may be partly to do with exhaustion.

Recovery is hard work, and I often feel exhausted.


Can I prevent a relapse?

They happen to me, and I wish they did not. If I could prevent this I would.

I try to avoid exhaustion.


Is it disappointing?

Very.  Recovery is so important to me, and I work so hard at it.  A setback is very disappointing.


What must I do?

The first few times I had a relapse I thought that I was becoming ill again.

It is important not to panic, or give up on the project.

A setback may only be for a few days.


I have talked to my family about a relapse, and they are now better informed.

They did not understand before, but they are beginning to understand that I will have good days, bad days.

Self-talk matters at this time.

Saying things like..

‘It is not the end of the World.’

‘Big deal.’

A setback may only be for a short time.


Some people relapse so badly, that they need to go back into Hospital.

They are usually devastated about this.

I understand that they are in pain.

But even if this has happened, it is still only a setback.

They are often out of Hospital in a few weeks, and back on their way again.


When I have a setback, I feel very down.  However, very few people make it through Recovery without this experience.

If they escape this, and get a straight road, then they are very lucky.

It is best to prepare for the possibility, and be ready when it happens.


I wish I had known about the possibility of relapse at the beginning, as the first few times it happened I had a real shock.

I only discovered that this happens to other people by following Recovery blogs.

They described this and I finally released that this was just part of Recovery, a difficult aspect, but that I was not alone.

This has helped me so much, and I am very grateful to other bloggers for talking about this issue.





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