This is a metaphor that I use for Recovery,..the tide has gone out.


 When I became depressed, there was no obvious reason.  I had been bullied, my parents had bickered.  But it was unlikely that any of this could cause  depression.

I was bewildered myself, and thought that it was  mistake, a flare-up.

The Depression defied treatment and remained with me into adulthood.


Finally, I managed to break free.

However, now it is as though the tide has gone out.


When I was a child, we went to the coast.  Sometimes the tide would go out for miles.

We were not allowed to walk on the wet sand which was really sinking sand, and so I would sit on the beach, and wait for the waters to return.

I could see everything for about two miles.  The rocks, seaweed, some rubbish.

I could see the world under the waves.


Now that I have escaped depression, I can see the causes.

I now realise that there were reasons why I became ill, but they were hidden by my own wilful amnesia.

Depression was my way of masking these problems.

I was distressed, and I buried it all so deep.

Then I became ill.

The Depression was only a symptom.



Recovery is a challenge because I can no longer bury these problems.



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