I think that I need the right outfit if I am going to sit around and worry.

So I have been looking at the movie ‘Crimson Peak’.


I should have these outfits, so I can recline on a chaise lounge.

I need ruffles at the neck, and a cloak which I can snatch at and swirl.


I would also like a Gothic mansion.

I don’t think this is working.

How am I supposed to get down in the dumps properly in denim, in a suburban house?

I need the right setting.

Something with turrets, gloomy, dark, with a few ghosts,..


..and guttering candles.



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  1. I just adore the way you write. May I ask what you diagnoses are? There is no “about” tag on your blog … You think about the world in a different way and it is so refreshing! Honestly. I’ve never thought of needing special type of clothes and setting to worry in … I love the idea though and it kind of takes the worrying out of the equation! You fiddle with imagination, fairytales, goths, you weave your worries into a magical context. Charming!


  2. Thank you! My diagnosis was ‘Depression’, though they told me that it was severe, and it was long-lasting. I know all Depression is disagreeable, but most comes and goes, and also a person will often feel a lot better after a year.
    I had to try to find out about it on my own, as Doctors don’t seem to know much about severe Depression. I believe that it was inherited, and everyone in the family will experience this at some point in their lives.

    Thank you for the compliment as regards my writing! I suppose my imagination is fired by films I see and books that I read.


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