The theme for today is..


Or at least, that is what I have been thinking about all day.


I go to different sources for healing, and each source carries the same message, forgive.


It is in the Old Testament,..Isaiah talks about this.

It is in the New Testament,..Jesus says we must forgive.

I listen to Podcasts from Joyce Meyer, and it is one of her favourite themes.

I look at her videos, and she tells us to forgive.

She forgave, and terrible things happened to her.

So I wonder how she did it.


I go to Louise Hay. She tells us there can be no healing without forgiveness, and she has affirmations telling us to forgive.


Then I have to forgive myself for being stupid, and I am right back at the beginning.

If I am to make any progress, I need to forgive.

I know what they all mean.  Those dark emotions can do no good.

We have to live in the here and now, and accomplish what we can today.


It all makes sense, but I still struggle.


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