One night I have to go the Hospital.

The tests come back, and the Doctor tells me they are clear.  I can go home.  I step out, into the night, and know I am going home to a hot bath, my book. I will be OK.


Things like this happen to me.  I am rarely ill.  If I do become ill, I benefit from medical intervention.

It is almost as though my body heals itself.


I am strong for a girl.  I can carry sacks of sand, work ten hour days if I need to.


It is  different story for my mental health.  I try everything, and I feel that I am getting nowhere.

I chip at the rock face.


How do other people do it?  They feel down. A night out with their friends, and a glass of wine, and they are back on their feet.


They do not know what depression is.

I wish that could be me.



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