I wished for a full recovery,..

and I feel that this did not happen.

Why do we wish for a full recovery?

I feel that we want this because we want to have a life that is untouched by illness, and to feel that we have experienced a full restoration.



We wish to restore the years the locusts have eaten.

This is referred to in the Bible.


How do I go forward?

I feel that I have to accept Recovery as it is, not as I want it to be.


Is there any benefit to an incomplete Recovery?

It is hard to see a benefit, but it is possible that a full Recovery may lead us to forget how difficult illness really is.

This way, we cannot forget, and so will always have greater compassion for those who still have to make the journey.


If I had recovered swiftly, with little trouble, then I might lose patience with those who still struggle to recover.


There is a greater plan that few of us see.  This incomplete Recovery may be part of the plan.

I may be open to prompts from the universe that I otherwise would be blind to.


Everything is a learning process, and I should try to be grateful for and content with each moment as it is.





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  1. I do think that once you become “recovered”, you do lose patience with those making poor decisions and acting on their destructive behaviors. They can’t see from where they are, the happiness that comes with recovery. And because they can’t believe that they themselves can be truly happy and recovered, they don’t want to try.


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