Yesterday, you wore the white dress.  The sun shone, and when you left the trees, it was as though the sun caught you, and for those moments all  was light, warmth, comfort.

Nothing went wrong yesterday.

Now, today..

‘You are letting a good day poison those other days.’

My Mum drops wisdom into the matter at the kitchen table.

She is right.

If I get a good day, I want it to last.

I do not want to go back to the darkness of depression.





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  1. Take each day as it comes. Cherish the good days and when the bad days come, know that they too will pass and a good day will follow. It will make it easier to get through it. Also, look on the bright side: your depression makes you extremely sensitive to the world around you, to the beauty of nature, to human suffering, to the differences between people .. your depression allows you to stop and write your thoughts out. And your written thoughts can help other people too. Or make them reflect and enjoy your talent. Happy people don’t write. They’re too busy living their lives, and being in the moment. They don’t want to stop and observe and reflect …


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