Music and other sounds

When I was  nineteen, I looked for healing.  I had despaired of psychiatric help, and I sought healing in other places.


I had depression, I struggled to speak to people, and I came to believe that if I studied sound that I might benefit.


I embarked on a journey into sound.  I did not achieve the cure that I had wished for, but there have been benefits.


I understood that I had been ignoring most sounds.

Now I made myself stop and listen to birdsong.  I had never done that before.


I also  listened to other sounds,  the  sound of water running into the sink, the splash of water in the bath.

I realised music was present everywhere, even in the sounds from a construction site,..

the staccato of the machinery.



I understood that I needed to challenge myself to listen to more than Pop music, and I tried classical.

I also challenged myself to listen to others.  Did I really listen, or did I continue to wash the dishes?


What was someone trying to tell me?  What tone did they use?

I am still learning, but I understand now that the  World is rich in sound and texture.



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