My Tomcat loved scents.

He never hunted, and never followed those scents. He was round, and cuddly, and only wanted to stay at home.


But he loved all other scents.

I would use lotion, and he would sniff my hands.  Then he would bury his face in my hand.



I like to soak my feet in a basin.  It relaxes me.

I would use rose-scented bath lotions.

He would always stop at the basin, and smell the water.


He was a fan of incense, and I used it every morning.  He would sit beside it, and doze.

It made everyone laugh.


If he was missing,  I would look for him, and I would check the herb garden.

I would glimpse his golden fur, and I would say

‘He is in the herb garden.’

He would spend all afternoon there.

I would go there too.

I would sit on the low wall, and the bees would buzz around us.




I have not been in the herb garden in four years.

I realise that my life changed when he died.


Louise Hay says that the Universe talks to us all the time.

Perhaps the Universe was telling me about scent.

The Universe wanted me to notice the lavender, to realise that I could cut it at any time, and arrange it in a vase.

Not to walk past the herbs, but to realise that Rosemary and Thyme grew near by.

To go outside, not spend so much time thinking.

To appreciate the beautiful things in shops,.. scented candles, scented soap.




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