Jacob and the Angel

In Genesis, Jacob is said to wrestle with an Angel all night.

Did the Angel really exist, or was this a metaphor?

Jacob knew he had wronged his brother, and that his brother meant to kill him.

He had moved his family to relative safety, but he spent the night alone.


It may not have been an Angel. It may have been grief, doubt, sorrow that caused Jacob to spend all night awake.

I find that night time can be difficult.

It is dark.  There are fewer distractions, and it can feel that I am wrestling with thoughts myself.

Jacob has been on my mind the last few days.

When I read stories from the Bible, I wonder are we meant to take them literally?

Or are they a story to comfort us?

If we are up all night wrestling with worry, then we might remember that Jacob did this too.

We might remember that he prevailed, and that he and his brother were reconciled.

There is hope in the story.




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