The Prayer of Recollection is one of the hardest prayers that I know.

In this Prayer, I will remember with impressive clarity, every detail of my life.

It is accompanied by questions:

Did I try hard enough?

Did I learn from this situation?

Did I listen?


I have encountered other forms of Prayer, and they are all difficult.

We might not always be in the mood to give thanks.  We might not always be in the mood to forgive.

The Prayer for Justice sometimes feels like  a pointless prayer, as God might prefer us to forgive, and so it is accompanied by despair, and  a belief that we should turn to the Prayer to Forgive.


However, they all come second place to the Prayer of Recollection.

That is the hardest form of prayer that I know.

Some people call it PTSD, or memories, and it can be those things.

But it can also be state of prayer that we have entered into.

Unlike other forms of Prayer, we have little choice about this.

The Prayer of Recollection can strike when we are washing the dishes or at 6 am.

I know that God wants to talk to me, and hold me to account, but it is very difficult.

I always emerge from an encounter frustrated with myself.




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