I come from a long line of eccentric people.  People so eccentric that they make Sherlock Holmes look like a party person.

I can be eccentric, and lately I have felt to blame for the stigma I have experienced.

I could not understand the norms of society and made many mistakes.

This became worse when I developed depression.  Depression seemed to exacerbate the situation.


This in turn attracted attention.  People would laugh at my mistakes, and would point me out.

I feel that I brought a lot of this upon myself, and in a way I did.


I cannot expect society to meet me half-way, though it would be good if it did.

Society wants me to change, to fit in, to learn the norms.

I do try, but I often get it wrong.

I feel like  a chameleon, I have changed so many times to escape censure.




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