I wanted to get better.  So I contacted the Community Care Services.

I told them how I wanted to get back on my feet, and they refused support.


They pointed to my past, and said that I had been very ill at a young age.

They said it is unusual for a teenager to be so depressed, and this usually indicated mental illness in the long term.

They would not support me, despite my requests.

They reiterated the unlikelihood of recovery.


I learned that we may embark on the journey of Recovery, but not everyone will come with us.

Some people do not share our belief, faith, hope, and they prefer to stay behind.




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  1. I went to the Doctor who told me that there was a Community Care Team in the area. They offered Psychiatric support and help with living with mental illness, while living in your own home, and not going into Hospital. He did express concern, as he believed that they might not be helpful, but I really wanted to try, so he gave me the referral.

    I felt that they were not listening to people with depression, and it was a disappointing experience.


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