The following post is only my own thoughts.

I believe that we may be the first generation to get better.  Before this, it was rare to see Recovery in mental illness.

People could expect to be kept in an Institution, and never allowed home, where they could deteriorate.

As a teenager, I met such individuals.


However, now we are pushed out back into the Community, where we are exposed to stimuli.  We may find this difficult, but at least we are in the World.

Our diets are better, and we are able to access Psychology in books or on television shows.


I watched Oprah, and I learned  a lot from her guests.

I also like her new Channel, and some of the programmes have helped me.


Psychology is available in easy to read books, or on television.

It is no longer a closed discipline.


I believe that I got better due to a combination of these factors.

I believe that we are the first generation to burst out from the shackles of mental illness. However, we are also the first generation to experience Recovery.

There were no trail blazers.

We are the trail blazers.

We are the first to experience this, and we are laying the road for those who come after us.

We have the heavy lifting to do, and I think that is why we feel the burden on our shoulders.




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