How do we know

if we are in Recovery?

Once I was talking to a Counsellor, and I was trying to explain my life in Recovery.

He listened for a while, and then he said:

Well maybe you are not in Recovery?
If you say it is this hard?
Maybe you still have depression?


I answered that I was in Recovery.

How do you know?


So I tried to explain how I knew.

One, I reacted to things.  I would enjoy a book, a movie, a treat.  I had been unable to do this when depressed.

Second, an episode of depression would only last for a few days, not several months.

This impressed him, and he understood that changes had occurred.



However, it did give me food for thought.

How do we know we are in recovery?

I did not know I was in recovery for ten years.

Then finally, I went on the Internet and sought the personal stories of people who had the same experiences.

I began to realise that I shared the same feelings as a group of people, all who claimed they were in Recovery from mental illness.

I realised that I was in that group.


How do we know we are in Recovery?

I know my life is different, than when I had depression.

I am no longer lethargic, and I am alert.

I still have episodes of depression, but they only last a few days.

I can think more clearly.

I face incredible challenges, but I have become increasingly confident that I no longer face mental illness, merely the aftermath.



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