In general, my family have problems with maturity.  They have often acted in immature ways.

This problem has been compounded for me as I spent my formative years fighting depression.

It is difficult to mature properly if you are fighting an illness.

You will learn a lot, to face adversity, how to survive pain, how to do most of the heavy lifting yourself,..

However, there are areas of life that I missed out on.


This all becomes evident in later life.

There are times when it can be flattering.

People will remark that I do not look my age, for example.

However, they make comments that are not so flattering, or will express puzzlement when they realise that I am not as they might expect someone of my age to be.

There is a discrepancy between my chronological age and my inner maturity.


This is something that can embarrass or worry me.

I understand how this happened.  It is one of my goals to increase in maturity.



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