When people meet me for the first time,

I might say something like,

“Oh, I remember when I saw ‘Top Gun’!”

And then they say,

How would you know?  Did you get the DVD?

“No, I saw ‘Top Gun’ when it first came out.”


Then people will act surprised and say,

I thought you were born around 1995!  What age are you?

I am an honest girl, so I tell them.


I suppose I am not helping matters.  I wear my pink bobble hat, and my bag is decorated in butterflies.

I also have a pink, sparkly purse,..because it can’t be too pink, or too sparkly.


Then they will say,..

It’s not just the way you look.  It is the way you go on.

That is when I turn pink.

By the time they have finished asking questions I am so embarrassed.

I go home, and look out of the window, and will not speak.


Then my Mum will say,

Well, these people did not get ill when they were young.

You had other things to bother you than growing up. Take no notice of what they say.


I know she is just trying to be nice, but I do get embarrassed.








3 thoughts on “

  1. I am emotionally immature too but I do not wear pink, butterflies or sparkles. May be that’s just your style? Then own it! Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your own way, with your type of fashion too. Emotional cones from having to take care of yourself in the adult world … Getting a job, a man, having a child – all these things help to grow. But so d


  2. Sorry – the message just went off. Am typing on my phone. Your experiences – of illness, of looking after members of your family, those with alcoholic problems, thode experiences are also “maturing” , … Rejoice in having youthful looks and also a youthful spirit. Many people would like that! Everyone proceeds at their own pace …


  3. Thank you for reading my post, and taking the time to comment. Thank you also for your encouraging words! I do like butterflies and sparkles! I love fashion, and follow all the Couture Houses,..Chanel, Nina Ricci..


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