King David

Last night, I remembered King David.  When I receive a prompt like that I usually follow it.  I remembered the story of Saul’s daughter.

David was hated by King Saul, who tried to kill him.  But Michal lowered him from a window, then pretended David was ill.

This bought him time to flee.


Later, when David was the King in Jerusalem, he demanded that his estranged wife be returned to him.

Michal did agree to go to Jerusalem, but she saw David dance in the street as the Ark was returned to the City.  She believed this to be unseemly, and told him so.

Michal was ignored by the King from that day forward.


The story is in the Book of Samuel.



I like the stories of King David, and of his household.  David had many wives and children.


I remember this story, and I wonder how different her life might have been if Michal had greeted David in a different manner, or even stayed silent.

She was his first wife, and she had saved his life.  So she would have had status in court, but she lost favour with him because of her criticism.

It is so easy to speak out and criticise the people we love.

Maybe we think it is our place to do it, and they will listen to us.

Perhaps Michal meant that David should behave with dignity as a King, but she scolded him, and only irritated him.

Perhaps it is better to be kind to our loved ones, and not criticise.



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