One of the things that I feel I need to work on would be my expectations.

I feel that in the past, I would make a friend, but I would expect a lot from them.


I wanted them to invest as much in the friendship as I had done.

This was unfair to them, as I was really setting expectations very high, and also rules.

I was not ‘easy come, easy go’.


I would feel disappointed if the friendship was not reciprocated.

I followed the same pattern when I began to date.

I wanted my boyfriend to love me as much as I did him, to care for me in equal measure.

If I realised that he felt casual about the relationship , then I would feel let down.


I realise now that I was making myself unhappy by placing these expectations on others.

You cannot force other people to love you.

You cannot expect too much.

And if someone does not love me, it is not the end of the World.


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