St. Teresa of Avila

spent most of her time in a Convent.  However, sometimes she would be invited to stay with someone in Spain, and she would become a guest.  She also travelled to set up a new Convent or to help oversee one.


In those times she was exposed to Society.  In one passage she complains about writing a letter, and how there is a right way to address it.


I forget where these passages are, but I recall her words.  She led an enclosed life, and struggled to remember and follow the rules of society.


I also struggle to recognise those rules.  I tried to explain this to my Counsellor yesterday.  I always struggled, but having depression worsened those difficulties.


I think that this happens for everyone who develops a psychiatric illness.  We forget the rules of society.

By the time we have recovered, society has moved on and created new rules.



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