‘We do this

for you.’  Which is what my siblings say.  When they meet someone who is shy, has had depression, seems that they are struggling in a social situation, my siblings will go over and talk to them.


At least something good has come from all this.

Mental illness can feel like  a waste of our time, talents.  If someone who is struggling at a  party is befriended by my brother or sister, then that is all to the good.


‘I just see you.  I see my sister.’ They tell me.  If they see someone not fitting in, then that person is me.

‘I talk to them the way I talk to you.’





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  1. That’s beautiful. To have this love of your siblings, their understanding and compassion. Compassion that they then offer other people who seem to be struggling. You are so right: this is one good thing that you – and your depression – have contributed to the world. Compassion. Within you and within your siblings. Hold onto that.


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