Struggling with stigma today.  It has become such problem, that I find it difficult to go out, and will only go to certain places.

I tend to keep to the Malls where there are people around, and I avoid all social places like pubs.

It has curtailed where I go, and my confidence outside.


It continues to be a problem, and has never settled.

There are people who would just shrug and ignore all this, but I find it difficult to do that.


I blame myself for the stigma, as I did not really know how to behave when I left hospital, as is the case with so many patients.

I also feel locked in a grieving process for the friends I have lost.

I keep thinking they might still be in my life if I had never been ill.

I have endured other incidents too, like abusive ‘phone calls, and such things can be very upsetting.


Strangers have insulted me, which is hard enough, but so have friends, and that has deepened the grieving process.

Loss of friendship is always painful, but when it is due to illness it can be especially difficult.


I try to heal the wounds, but a new incident can tear away the stitches again.




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