I suppose

you could say that I am ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’, and every so often a man comes along and decides that I will be his crumpet.


But I have not dated since I was twenty.  This is due to my illness.

I understand that some people manage to marry even with a mental illness, and find support with their partner, but I am not confident that this could happen in my case.


So I just wriggle out of invitations, and find excuses not to go for coffee.




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  1. Hi I read your blog about how you have been struggling to get through your mental illness and how tough you have found this fight against depression. I just want to assure you that as a fellow on the same boat we can get through this together and we can get better . We must maintain our hope

    Hope you have a great day

    You can find me at my blog, knightofsteel.com

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