If anyone had asked me

at the beginning of all this what it was I really wanted,

I would have told them my hopes for a full Recovery.


I had so many plans and dreams, all based on a full Recovery.

I did recover, but not fully.

I only made a partial Recovery.


That is the cause of so much worry and concern now.

How do I proceed with a partial Recovery?





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  1. You just do. People are not perfect. Everyone has some defect. Someone is physically ill. Someone is physically deformed. Someone has a mental illness. You need to accept that this is the cards you’ve been dealt with and play with them the best you can. You have a loving family, you have health, you have a beautiful garden in bloom, be grateful for all the joys a day and night can bring you, and step by step learn to make this mental illness less and less important in your life. It can be done.

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