The following essay shares my own thoughts about Recovery, and is not meant to be taken literally, nor do I share empirical data.


When did Recovery first happen?

People began to report that they were better in the 1990s.



Psychology was no longer a closed subject.  It was easy and cheap to buy a paperback about Psychology and related matters.

People began to practise self-therapy.


Any other reason?

Psychology was discussed on shows like ‘Oprah’, and it was presented in  a style that was easy to understand.

Also, certain foods came onto the Market,..yoghurt, organic vegetables, olive oil.

I believe that this new, nutritious food helped us to rebuild the damaged pathways in our brains.  I did not have access to such foods in the 1980s, such imports were not available.


How did people know that they were better?

There was a recognition that things had changed internally.

For example, cognitive skills and memory might improve.

Or a person would be more alert.


How does Recovery feel?

Not brilliant on some days.

There is a risk of Relapse.  I have experienced this myself.

Mental illness is hard to throw off, and  a shadow of the illness will remain.


How do you keep moving forward?

I keep moving forward, as I wish to avoid a Relapse.  I am also motivated to stay out of Hospital.


How long does Recovery take?

I believe that it takes a lifetime.

It will takes the rest of my life to maintain Recovery.

I suppose it depends on the person.

But in my own case, I do not believe the process will end, it is on-going.


What is the worst aspect of Recovery?

The worst aspect is PTSD. This can happen to some people as we endured trauma with our illness.


What is the best thing about Recovery?

I do this for my family, and it means  a lot to me that I could come out of the illness, and find ways of helping them.




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