What is Stigma?


Stigma involves hostility, and often rage.
Stigma is a form of obsession.
The perpetrator is obsessed with the victim of their hatred.


I have known individuals to become obsessed with me and my mental illness for years.

They talk about me every day, and they follow me around.


I have also experienced barely contained rage.


I have experienced hatred.


Stigma means that the person will be de-humanised.  They are no longer seen as a person of value, or someone who deserves respect.


I have also witnessed delight and triumph if they believe that their tactics to undermine me are working.


There is no point appealing to their morals, ethics, or better nature.  I cannot contact their family, as often this type of prejudice has been promoted in their own home.


There is very little I can do.  The legislation which exists to protect us from Hate Crime is very recent, and was not available to me in the past.

So many times I felt, and was powerless.




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