I was in hospital I envied those who had left.

Patients would come to Art Class, and tell how they had lived in the community for months.


How I envied them.

It seemed impossible that I too could one day be free.

So now I am.

Why am I not happy?

Why am I not ecstatic every day to wake up in my own bed?


I can get fresh air.

I can sit in the garden.

I can eat what I want, when I want to.

I can make a coffee now, and not have to wait.


I did not believe that the people who were free of Hospital could be unhappy.

I wanted to be like them.


But now I am here, I realise that life outside of a Hospital is not all roses.

It is a great thing to escape life on the Ward.  I want to be grateful for this.

But that does not mean that those of us who are back at home do not have problems.


We all want to be free of the life on a Ward.  There is no freedom, no privacy.

But it is also important to prepare for life after the Ward, and not assume that it will be a rose garden.




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