I tend to put on weight, so they keep an eye on me.

They weigh me, and tut, and write in the file.

Then they check my blood.

I am a coeliac, and they check that I am keeping to the diet.


Every time they do this, I go through the flurry of blood tests, letters to the GP, a new prescription,..

and am reminded how much I hate Hospitals, going to the Doctor, even to the Chemist.


I was in a Hospital, and since that time I cannot stand those places.

I try to lose weight, and stick to the diet, and pass my blood tests, as I want the whole painful experience to be over as soon as possible.


I get scolded about the weight, and how I manage my diet.

I have a sweet tooth.

Then the letters arrive, and I have to find out if my Iron is OK.

Then I get a prescription,..

until the next time.




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