I will rehearse what I need to do to defeat stigma,..

       *  Shower, wash my hair, wear nice outfits and make-up.

        *  Keep the house clean, and painted.

        *  Remain a lady.

  • * Never respond to negative comments with anger or hostility or rudeness.

The above list took me years to learn.

It seems simple.  But I did not think of those tools.


I begged other people to help me, and to give me tools, but no-one ever did.


Eventually after a long time, I managed to break through and begin to think of things that would help.


I discovered if I wore make-up and looked nice, then a lot of the name-calling stopped.This is because people think that we do not care about ourselves.


I discovered if I worked at house-keeping, this also impressed other people.


They found a dusted, painted, well-maintained home.

The stigma can spread to house-keeping, as other people think that we lie around all day and do not wash up our dishes.


Being a lady,..I use Audrey Hepburn as my model here, and also Grace Kelly.

I look at the photographs to boost my moral.


These ladies would never use bad language or be rude to anyone.

Grace Kelly was raised in a strict household.  She always wore gloves, and was perfectly groomed.

This helps to comfort me, as I feel inspired.

If we are angry or hostile, this will only reinforce the stigma.


I try to remember the above points, and to put them into practice.



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