About Recovery

I made an impressive clinical recovery, considering the severity of my Depression.


I had the type of Depression that people would describe as ‘very deep’.

I would describe it as resistant to treatment, resistant to medication, and long-lasting.


But I did make a good recovery.  This was a surprise to me, as I had told myself I would never get better.


I have managed to stay out of Hospital, away from psychiatric treatment, and off all medication.

Another win.


However, the story becomes rocky after that.  I did not make a social recovery.

I still have many difficulties when I leave the house.

I struggle to speak to people, to create relationships, to be understood.

I face high levels of stigma.

I have no friends, and do not socialise.


I also struggle with PTSD, grief and the other after-effects of Depression.

Depression did leave baggage behind, which I must deal with.


So on a daily basis, I will face hostility when I leave the house.  I struggle with PTSD from the moment I wake up.

I grieve throughout the day for the losses I have incurred throughout this struggle with mental illness.


At the end of the day, I am utterly exhausted, and I dread the night anyway because of nightmares.


I know I need to be grateful for what I have achieved.

I do not mean to complain.

But there are issues remaining that I need to find the courage to face.




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