I had to fight for support, but when I got it there were problems.

I would only receive one appointment in 6 weeks.

I felt under pressure to say that things were going well.

Episodes of depression are frowned upon, and I learned to hide episodes of anxiety.


I had to sanitise my illness, pretend things were not so bad.

But if things were so easy, we would not require support.


I had to demonstrate progress, say things were fine at work.

I had to join new courses, and report success every time.


There was emphasis on feeling fine,  progress, success.


But if those things were really happening, I would not have needed support.


They would write on my file that I was coping.

In the end, Community Care all seemed a bit pointless.  In some ways, I was glad when it came to an end.  I never received the care that I hoped for, and I rarely had a real conversation about my Depression.



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