A day..

This is a mistake that I made,..

once I experienced a very serious attack based on stigma.

I responded by staying in my room.

I was paralysed with shock.


But I never did that again.

Ever since, I have experienced stigma of course, but I do not stay in my room.  I get up, and I work about the house.

I find things to do.


I understand that stigma affects me, but it is best to keep moving, and that is what I do.



I also learned from St. Teresa of Avila.  The Nuns would come to her in a state of great emotion, and ask to be relieved of their duties.

Teresa was sympathetic, but they did not get any days off.

She knew that even if they were upset, it was healthy for them to have things to do, and to keep working.


I think that she was a wise lady.  I now understand that it is better for me to keep moving, regardless of how I feel.




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