This is a story in the Bible that I have read a few times.

At one part, Nehemiah slips away secretly during the night, and rides around the walls of the City of Jerusalem.

He finds the walls to be ‘broken down’ and the gates lost to fire.


He resolves to rebuild the wall, which he achieves in two months.


In my own personal experience, I realised that our home had become dilapidated.

The reason for this was Depression.  We had dealt with various crises, and we had little time for housekeeping.


Our home was in great need of repair.  We had damp and mould in certain rooms, even water on the floor after rain.


I made a promise that no matter what happened or how I felt, we would work at the house.

We took it one step at a time.  We did not achieve everything in two months, but we kept at it.


We have lifted the carpets, and placed wooden floors.  We have a new shower.  We replaced the leaking roof, and insulated the areas most vulnerable to damp.


In Winter it is warmer, and more cosy.

I understand the price of Depression. It is so easy to let things slide, and become lethargic.

But I find that I feel better if I have a project, and if I can see results.




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