Self Improvement

Weight loss, and loss of friends

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This is a topic I have encountered before.  I heard it on the radio, and saw on weight loss sites how people complain that they have lost all their friends when they lost weight.


They also speak of a friend ordering cake, when they asked for a scone.  I have not encountered this problem, but I have had real resistance from people when I tried to overcome Depression.

I expected everyone to be on my side as I tried to beat mental illness, and create a new life.


But I was dismayed to find the opposite.  people would try  and sabotage any efforts that I made.



I do not know, but I could try to guess.  I believe that people had invested in my illness,..I was a source of gossip.  I provided amusement.  I made them feel better about themselves.
When I began to get better, I attempted projects and to make friends.  I would watch as all my efforts were undermined and sabotaged.
It was as though people were more comfortable with me in a mental hospital or sitting at home doing nothing.
I find this very strange, as when I was ill people accused me of ‘wanting to be ill’ and sitting around ‘doing nothing’.


Do people want me to remain ill, or get better?

Perhaps people believed that they wanted me to get better, but they actually did not like it when I did?


The reason I write about this is, is important to hold onto our dream.  We might want to lose weight, or recover from Depression.  We must not let go of the dream, even if there is negative reaction.



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