I am no longer ill, but I am not really well either.

What am I?  It is so hard to define.  I do not have a word for what I am.


I feel as though my life is a Tug of War.  I am caught between two scenarios.


Some days, I feel very low, and will relive my illness.  Other days, I feel that I would like to strike out, and get well.  I would like to explore the World and my abilities.  I tell myself I need to try to get better.


I go between the two, trying to find middle ground, and security.

It can be confusing, and also exhausting.


On the days I feel down, I am exhausted.  On the days I feel well, I feel restless.


My family struggle to understand the ‘up and down’ aspect of my life.  They do not understand how I can feel well one day, and down the next.


It is hard for me as well, as this is a difficult way to live.

When I recovered from Depression, I went to this place.  I became stranded in this ‘inbetween’ place, and I have been there ever since.



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