I have walked a long road looking for Therapists, and trying to find someone who might help.

One thing I notice is that they sometimes spin off into euphoria.


For example, once I spoke at length to my Doctor.  He was so excited that I had spoken for nearly an hour, that he became euphoric.  He ran outside, and I could see him sucking on a cigarette, and excitedly telling a Nurse how I had opened up.

I returned to my shy self later, so he was plunged into despair.


Another time, I wore make up.  This sent the Nurses around me into a tailspin of euphoria, in which they excitedly told me how I ‘looked so much better’, and should wear it ‘every day’.

I did not wear it every day, so that led to disgruntled Nurses.

peonies copy


Another time, I allowed a Therapist to brain wash me into saying that I had imagined most of my problems, and that I did not have Depression.  His exaltation and euphoria followed.  However, I knew deep down that I had real problems, so I returned to my former position.  This led to insistence, rudeness, and bullying from the Therapist.


Over the years, I have learned to be wary of euphoria.  It is a bad sign.


There is nothing to be euphoric about.  We have Depression, or we would not consult a Therapist.  So why become euphoric?

Depression is a serious condition, often accompanied by serious problems.  These could be financial, or grief, or isolation.

There is little to be joyous about.


If we do not join in with the euphoria, then they are angered.  But if we did, we would look silly for a start.  I mean a patient and a Therapist both acting out euphoria?

But it is a lie anyway.

We can barely crack a smile, because we have Depression, and that is why we are there.




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